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Where I am from   

By Florence Jack, Gr. 10


I am from that tall green building at the bottom of the road, mistaken to lead to other roads.

I am from where the sun rarely shines,

where the rain could rain in many lines.

I am from three full siblings,

 three step-siblings,

 and one half sibling whom I never met.

I am from where walks always turn into talks,

 or where the clock ticks and tocks until we finally decide to take a walk,

maybe we consider to finally talk.

I am from a place where home cooked meals are the best meals,

Even when we crave the worst.


I am from a place where I could always be myself amongst others,

A place where I am able to show my talents and hope it doesn’t bother.

 I am from the most bright colours to the most darkest days,

some days are just as bright but just as dark.

I am from where depression is considered an obsession,

anxiety could be cured with tea.

I am from your music is so overrated, to your closet is a bit outdated.

I am from where death likes to take the lead,

Where life decides to finish before we could make it to the finish line.

I am from the feeling of falling apart,

 using art to cope with my heart.

I am from going with the flow,

 to the roughness of the roads.


I am Florence, from who knows where.

*First place winner in the Vancouver Island Regional Library, In Our Own Voice: Teen Writing Contest

Don’t lose your pen.


Never lose your pen. If you lose your pen, there might be a consequence.

If you lose your pen, you won’t be able to take notes.

And with no notes, you can’t study.

Without studying, you’ll get bad grades.

With bad grades, you don’t graduate.

Not graduating leads to no good job opportunities being offered to you.

And when you don’t have a job, you don’t make money.

Without money, you can’t buy food.

With no food, you’ll die.

In conclusion; no pen, no life.

Never lose your pen.


Victoria Vasquez Gr. 8

The Forest


The vast forests that are Quadra Island is one of my favorite places to explore. As I wander aimlessly around the lively landscape, I feel a slight, humid breeze make its way towards me. I smell all sorts of lovely things: pine, soil, saltwater, and the sweet scent of rotting wood. I see an array of interesting colours, like olive green grass, lime moss, the pale bark of alder trees, and brown dirt. I can hear a creek, and the sound of quietly running water calms me. I love being outdoors, but forests are the most fun to explore.   

Ashlynn Teasdale Gr. 8

The Monsters We See


In our youth

It starts out small

“There’s a monster in my closet”

Is the voice within the hall


So we come at the request

To say everything’s alright

And put our young to bed again

To sleep right through the night


As we grow, the monsters leave

And our imagination turns real

We don't suspect that our fears

Would become that big a deal


We grow to find a family

And cherish them in full

And hear the little voice again

That triggers our protective pull


I went to comfort my child

As all good parents would do

I left my wife in bed alone

To tell all that I knew


But fears all come from somewhere

For some of them come true

Just like the monster that took my son

Then took my own life too


-Jessica Koiter  Gr. 11

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